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Beegles Customer Testimonials

" Beegles Aircraft is the ultimate airframe shop for you aircraft. Be it repair, restoration or a modification, their staff has the most experience and performs the best job period! Other shops talk about precision and/or "attention to detail'" but at Beegles, you really get it. I highly recommend them."
Paul Swanstrom
Cessna A185F N185M

"Think you can no longer find Professionalism, Pride in Workmanship, Great Customer Service and Attention to Detail? At any price? At Beegles you can expect all of the above and more - for a reasonable price. When my Skywagon got hurt in California I thought long and hard about having it repaired locally. Fortunately, I followed the right advice and gave the job to Beegles instead.. N5468E has been to Beegles twice in her 26-some years in service: she looks and flies as good as new."
Bernie Schroder
N5468E, 1980 Cessna A185F

" All I can tell you is that if you want perfect work, Beegles is the place to go. I hit a deer with the left wing on our 2002 Baron. The paint scheme on the wing tip is 4 different colors and they matched it perfectly. The damage was repaired and pictures were emailed to me showing the progress. They took care of ferry permits to fly the plane out, returned it in perfect condition and topped it off with fuel when they brought it back. Their work was excellent. I spent 3 days doing research on where the best place to have our plane fixed and they met my expectations. Oh-and the final bill was less than the estimate!"
Chuck Meyers

" I want to thank you all for the excellent repair job you did our Baron, This aircraft has been involved in at least 3 gear up or partial gear up landings, and ever since the first one 7 years ago, it has not flown straight. We attribute that to a less than satisfactory repair job by one of your competitors in Arkansas. Now the plane flies as if it were brand new! In Addition to having repaired all of the damage, it is now in perfect trim and balance. I commend you on your exceptional quality of work and thank you for a job well done. I would be happy to recommend you to other potential customers."
Richard Castle

" Sheet metal work was done by Beegles in Colorado. As best as I can tell, they have done a fine job. Cosmetics look good. She flies straight (hands off) and hasn't slowed down a bit. I regularly spoke with Scott and he was always polite and very patient. I hope to never do business with these folks again, but if I do, I’ll go back there"
Mike Berg

" If you want to make a good plane better, go to Beegles and use their airframe experience with the Cessna Skywagon for the latest performance mods, airframe service kits, aircraft weighing, aircraft rigging, engine mount fitting and installation, and sheet metal repairs."
Reagan Stone

"The quality of repair is 1st rate, the airplane was ready on time and was even washed. Phone calls were promptly returned, and Scott went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of. You may or may not know that everything I just mentioned is unusual in the world of piston aviation! There are no "squawks" now after putting about 10 hours on the plane"
Carl Poplawski

Beegles Aircraft Service, Inc.
635 Airport Road
Greeley, CO. 80631


970.353.9200 Local
303.659.5870 Denver Metro



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